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I have been looking for a German Shepherd for quite awhile and have researched the breed. I came across Sander-Haus on the internet and saw the puppy that was currently available. Underneath the picture it said a little about his personality but also said they weren't sure they were going to part with him. I looked through the poorly constructed website and noticed before filling out an application you needed to make initial contact with them. I must say I was mortified at the email conversation that took place and the accusations that were made. You will notice Sue says I am harrassing her but I recieved two emails in a row from her which I would consider harrasment. She claims to be college educated but her website and typing skills suggest otherwise. I am not sure why she believes I was harassing her or being rude. Can you even harass a business? In business, people will challenge you! I think this woman needs to think about her customer service skills since she can't handle any type of challenge from a customer. The emails start at the bottom and work their way up. Watch out for the CRAZIES!

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------dear k----!! i was not rude, you were rude.

you told me you work full time. what would i think one would possibly do with an intelligent active puppy who needs something to do? i didn't know what your plans were and that was your chance to tell me. i was not rude, i was trying to educate you about the breed, but yes i see you are one of those who knows it are blocked, so i will not see any more were rude, period. you could have said, well that's not what i intended to do this is but you chose to be rude.i am 55 and college educated and have had the breed since i was a child. i'm sure you know more than i do....and you got offended instead of writing back nicely.i will say again, good luck in your search.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------oh my god, please! i just got in and see your email.

you are on the blocked list. stop harassing me! plenty of breeders won't even ask your name! go find one.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you read your response to me it said in the first sentence "we won't do it". That indicated that you would not be interested in my family. I was not questioning you. You ask on your site for people not to be rude but in your response you were extremely rude. Thats a very poor representation.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------please read the website. i have no intention of going back and forth with you nor anyone. if you have to question us do not bother to contact us. it's pretty clear but some people can't get it.i said i did not know your situation and that was the opportunity for you to explain. the same emails got out to everyone who says they work full time.good luck in your search,sue-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sue,I can appreciate that you want Romeo to go to a good home and its a shame that you won't give me the time of day to atleast learn how the dog would be cared for while I am at work. I merely told you I had a full time job to inform you I could adequately provide for the dog. I am very aware of the needs the breed demands and I have talked to my veternarian and researched the breed to be sure it is a fit for my lifestyle. However, I don't appreciate the indication that I am completely oblivious to the needs of any dog in general. I wouldn't waste my time in looking for a dog if I couldn't care for it. I hope you find a home for Romeo that is to your standards.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------we don't like to let our pups go where they will be alone all day so we don't do it. this pup in particular is a single pup, has no litter mates and demands a lot of time and attention.i can't imagine him alone all day. they can't go in a crate all night and then back in a crate in the morning to be let out for 30 mins at lunch time to go back in a crate again. i don't know what your plans are but that is not something that is good for this breed. please keep it in mind. they need human socialization, they need house breaking, they need to eat 3 meals a day. water must be withheld if they are crated and one can damage their kidneys. they can only hold their business for short amounts of time and even a 3 month old puppy would not hold it for even 1/2 a day without making a mess, never mind an 8 wk old puppy. they go easily every hour.we want romeo to have as much time and attention as he can get. he wouldn't be an option for someone who works full time

thank you though for your interest,

sue-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------To whom it may concern:I am contacting you in regards to Romeo. I am very interested in this handsome boy! Per the website I am making an initial contact with you and letting you know a little bit about myself before filling out an application. I am employed full time at the local hospital working day shift only. I have an excellent reputation in the community as a leader and volunteer. After much research, I have decided I want a male German Shepherd with no preference on the type of coat the puppy may have. I live on 7 acres of land and enjoy being outdoors. I am 110% dedicated to having a German Shepherd and taking him to the highest level of obedience training. I look forward to hearing back from you.

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Silver Spring, Maryland, United States #597928

I was very blessed to find a wonderful GSD. I love him dearly and I am very glad he picked me!


I just believe that she lacks basic social skills that would help her effectively communicate to possible clients. I am glad that it wasn't just me that she offended.

I just felt that she was out of line which is why I created the post. Its very interesting to be in communication with her to say the least.


We actually have a Sander-Haus dog, who is amazing and I've personally met 2 other people who have their dogs, and they are wonderful dogs. In fact, one of them is competing pretty successfully in Schutzhund. As I've become a bit more involved in the "GSD World", the word out there is that they're nice dogs.

That being said, I'm not too surprised by some of these comments. Sue is, um, how should we say... interesting? I knew that from the get-go, but then again, in talking to a friend and her aunt's decades of experience showing at high-levels AKC, I know that dog people *can* real characters, so I wrote it off as that. My friend and her aunt also used her AKC membership log-in to verify the dogs and the ownership, which is under her husband's name, Carlos (and my husband asked and saw papers, too). And, yes, there really is a Carlos, we met him and he's the TOTAL 180 from Sue. :grin Also, people I've met in the GSD community who know who they are say she's an interesting bird, and don't get on her bad side and Carlos is great.

Our dog is Amazing. He really, truly is and I feel lucky because stopped my research on the topic (finding a breeder) when my friend's aunt confirmed the ownership/pedigrees and I didn't look further and I'll admit, I put on blinders to everything else. While their tag line is Selectively Breeding and Not Mass Producing, it seems they've always got a liter coming, so being that the dogs they breed aren't earning their own titles, whether it be in the confirmation ring or doing another sport, Sander-Haus is essentially a very picky (whether it's for the right reasons or not) Hobby Breeder. I, personally, am a little conflicted on that, now that I've learned more about it. Even though the *** is bred again, I will say that all the dogs are extremely well taken care of.

So, in conclusion, if you can get past the Wall of Sue and you're okay with getting your dog from a Hobby Breeder, you'll get a nice family dog. We're starting Delta training with ours in the spring. Oh, and one more thing, IF you do make it past the Wall of Sue, make sure she understands that she has to get your permission to use your photos. We and the people I've met with Sander-Haus dogs have all had our photos lifted from our social media pages. Since I'm not facebook friends with her or like their page (and there's a reason), the only picture of mine she could see was my banner pic of me and our dog, but the other people are friends with her, and she lifted personal pics to put on the Sander-Haus pages and one of the people actually got into her about it, and she finally took them down - the other person didn't care she used them. I got over it, since I realized it was my banner pic, which everyone in the free world could already see. Food for thought.

Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States #588159

I must concur with your statements above. I just had an encounter with Sue or whomever answers their email at Sander Haus.

I have never in all my years encountered such a turn off from a firm during an initial contact.

For such beautiful GSDs they have a rather ugly breeder - which makes your wonder about the temperament of her dogs. Poor babies!!


This story sounds extremely familiar of a recent encounter that I had with Sue from Sander Haus. I emailed her initially like she asked and told her a lot about myself and my fiance. We have a full blooded black labrador retriever who we have raised and trained on our own. I also explained that I have had 12 years of experience with my family dog-a GSD. I contacted her informing her that we were dedicated, excited, getting ready to be college graduates and start our careers making good money. She then responded with some snood remark and zero information. I then told her we were looking for a dog in the later part of the year and quoted something she had said on her "breedings" page. She said that I had no right "questioning her reproductive plans" and that they don't just breed German Shepherds for the money. After a series of several more preposterous and crazy sounding emails I told her I didn't appreciate her passive aggression, we wouldn't be purchasing a dog from her, and good luck doing business with her terrible customer service. She responded that she was my "senior," had decades with the breed, and two degrees. Oh and that she wasn't going to respond to any more emails even though I had closed the argument two emails before that.

Needless to say, I wouldn't recommend doing any kind of business with this lady as she is pompous, arrogant, ignorant, and a little crazy. I have never talked to someone more rude and to be honest, dumb, in my life. We will be seeking elsewhere for our German Shepherd. I hate that this lady is giving German Shepherds a bad rep.

If you are looking for a GSD and in the Tennessee/Virginia area, I recommend Livinghaus German Shepherds. They are extremely welcoming, informative, and respectful.

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