To address these posts, we do not like to put the same gender in the same home except under certain circumstances and I explained there was no way to know if two of the same gender would get along as adults. It is simply a fact.

Leaving a puppy with an adult alone all day is not a good plan! To the genetic defect, this pup was examined by our vet and by your vet. You sent me emails and told me how great he was for months! You then told me that you had surgery done without ever telling us what was going on.

You also never took him to another vet for another opinion. We have bred for many many years and have a good track record with healthy dogs and repeat clients, one who has 2 dogs, had 3 the older one passed on, she is an attorney and her sister is a veterinarian.

You could have returned him but you never said a word! You were given 1/2 of your money back long after you bulldozed ahead with surgery as you never gave us the chance to take him back nor discuss what this specialty vet told you without another opinion.

Reason of review: We have great clients and sorry to the ones that are told NO that they have to resort to this lowlife attitude but then again, we made the right choice now didn't we?.

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I don't have a puppy yet but have spoken to Sue many times. Having owned gsds before I think her questions are legit and necessary.

To caring breeders these are their babies.

If you are lucky enough to own one of her babies you will be happy she is so concerned about their future. She has been never been anything but polite and pleasant.


Adding my own comment. To one other person we said NO to, you thought that your 2 year old son was mature enough to own a puppy and you would not listen to me that German shepherd puppies could not be left alone with toddlers as they are very mouthy.

To the other one who wanted to leave a male puppy outside in a "dog lot" as you called it with an adult male dog alone, you got vulgar so I was not nice to you. You sent in the questionnaire when our page says that we reserve the right to refuse a puppy place and if you are going to be rude don't send it in, but you did and then when you were told no, you went nuts. We have had 1 joint issue in decades and I can't say it was not from the way the dog was housed. That is a tremendously good record!

The other well I never did see a vet report, never did get another opinion, it was something that no other breeder that I talked to ever heard of and probably wouldn't happen again to anyone in 1000 litters. The major point is we were never told about it until this person full steamed ahead and did surgery. She could have returned that puppy but that was her choice.

No one can breed live animals and have a crystal ball. I still stand by our dedication to all of our dogs, our puppies and our current and prior clients.

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